July 13, 2016

Going back to the doctor today🙄

So this will be my THIRD attempt at starting this IVF protocol! I have no idea what the doctor will say today.

First cycle my ovulation number never reached 8 (only 6)
Second cycle they tried Femara and my number was less than 1
I'm very curious to see what he suggests now-

Some women on my IVF support board were asking why he just didn't give me the trigger shot to help my ovulation. I will definitely be asking that today.

I have all the meds at my home and my IVF fee has been paid so I'm ready to go! I should have already had my transfer by now and I'd actually probably be in my 2ww or I'd just be finding out if I'm pregnant. Prayers for good news and to be able to move forward.

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