July 13, 2016

More Tears and More Not-So-Great News....

What a frustrating day. Thank God my husband was there to get some clarity for me because I was too overwhelmed.

So today the doctor said things weren't looking great with my ovaries and he couldn't see any follicles on the right side. The numbers stated they were there but he just couldn't see them. He saw I was frustrated and explained why it's best to wait to try one more thug before proceeding-

My husband chimed in with his concerns and expressed that more explanation needed to be given as we are going into our third month with no progress.

The doctor explained that he really wanted my ovulation to work harder to give us the best chances. He wanted to get some extra estrogen priming in me because he believes that works best. After a few tears I pulled myself together because I truly did understand I'm just tired of the wait.

So he prescribed me Femara again but this time 5mg total a day instead of 2.5. I'll take the pills 2x for five days then I'll go back to the doctor on wednesday for another sonogram. We will then do a trigger shot for ovulation and once my menses starts again I'll start Stims.

I guess all and all I just need to be patient and trust my doctor because he's a great doctor.

So here we go again for the third time and hopefully everything will work out-

This time my Femara was $94.99 for 10 tablets-
I wasn't charged for a doctor visit-
I will have to buy another trigger shot though Bc I'll be using the one I bought during the ovulation period-

Lord please keep me optimistic 🙌🏾

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