February 4, 2013

It's real now...

What a difference a couple of weeks make!!!! I've been pregnant for a little over 8 months now and even though I've seen physical changes in my tummy and I feel my daughter I still had my guard up.
I was still afraid something bad would happen during my pregnancy. The whole experience was just surreal. Up until January 21st I had not purchased not one thing for my daughter, however on that date I finally ordered her crib. We had our last sono on January 24th and after that appointment when we came home we both had a different prospective. I think that day we both let our guard down and let the fear subside. It was like we had been holding breath this entire pregnancy. That day we spoke about our fears and how we now both felt confident that everything was OK. We hadn't spoke to one another before about our fears in depth. I think we both just didn't want to show our worry to the other.

So basically after that appointment it all changed. I started nesting hardcore!! I ordered her dresser and bookshelves. I just started getting everything together. I even started on my first piece for her to go over her crib.

Yesterday my hubby and I went shopping for her for the first time. We had a lot of items to exchange from all of our baby showers. So we picked out little outfits for her and we were just in the moment. It was nice...it was calm. I know this may sound funny because I'm due to give birth in 24 days but this journey to get here made me so uptight I think. We didn't announce to my family until I was 4 months pregnant and we didn't announce it to the masses until I was over 5 months. Here we are at 8 months and we've just started buying things for her and getting her nursery ready. We've basically just started breathing......and it's nice.

Since the last doctor appointment I've been going in her room everyday and night and just folding and re-folding her clothes for no reason b/c I still have to wash them. I've just been looking at her surrounding and where she'll eventually be and it's nice. I even cleaned my washer out this evening with my hubby's help and then I ran a baking soda/vinegar cycle in preparation through the washer before I washed her things. I decided to wash her crib sheet and boppy cover for starters tonight. It was so funny because I was smiling while I was putting them in the washer. It's the little things I guess---I'm just excited and yes I've been excited but it's different now. I'm about to be a MOM!!!!!


  1. Reading your post it brings back lots of the feelings that we had when we were pregnant. Not being able to fully believe and accept that this baby growing inside of you is going to survive and be in your arms. When you struggle for a family like we both did then it's so much harder to ever really relax and trust that it will all work out. i am happy that you have some peace now and can enjoy the final days leading up to her being in your arms. So special.

    And wait until the lint on your dryer is pink - so stinking cute!

  2. LOL Sherry pink lint!OMG!
    Yeah it has been a struggle letting go and just enjoying my pregnancy b/c it's like a dream. I literally touch my tummy in the middle of the night to make sure it's still there. Since I've never been pregnant I didn't know if I could even carry a baby. So once I finally got my BFP I still was worried if the pregnancy would be viable. However now here I am with a mere 10 days to go and I'm over the moon!