February 24, 2013

It's official! I'm in HELL!

The most horrifying thing happened to me on Friday! I'm out shopping trying on new pjs to take to the hospital.  I'm looking in the mirror and I feel something strange. It kind of felt like a paper cut or scrap just something on my skin on my lower abdomen that was bothering me. So I hoist my tummy up and there staring back at me are the beginning of.....dare I say it, STRETCH MARKS!!!!!! WTF! Are you kidding me!!! One week before I'm due to deliver this child of mine I start to get stretch marks! OMG I almost fainted right there in the dressing room. I was just like Lord is this a joke?!?! I've gained no weight during this pregnancy, I've been constantly losing weight...a pound here, 1/2 a pound there and I'm at the end of the game then the ball drops! Why Lord whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I know I may be over-reacting but I was so happy that this pregnancy hadn't taken a toll on my body. I thought I was going to get away scott-free.

Now don't get me wrong they aren't horrible. They are very very very small. Almost like tiny lightning bolts, probably no bigger than your fingernail bed (for now anyways). They are red and sporadically placed at the very bottom of my abdomen. They aren't deep at all so I'm sure they will fade once her chunky butt is delivered and my body is mine again.  At least that's what I'm praying for.

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