December 14, 2012

Updates on Baby-

Last Thursday I  had a doctor's appointment with my OB for growth measurements, glucose test and sono.  I was a couple of days shy of being 27 weeks at the time. Baby girl was doing great! Her measurements were a week and 2 days more than what she should have been at the time! She already weighed 2.7lbs! Her heartbeat was 159 and everything else looked great.

The glucose drink was so gross I truly thought I was going to hurl! It was orange flavored and totally did not taste like Sunkist! I received my results the next day and I passed the test with flying colors. My nurse said my levels were 117 and they normally like to see them under 149 so I did great! No gestational diabetes for me! Score!

I also completed my pre-registration for labor and delivery. I did my paperwork online and before my OB appointment we had a quick appointment with L&D to answer a few more questions. So when we walk in for our 9:00am c-section on March 1st all should be smooth!

As for me I had lost another 2lbs since my last appointment not sure why especially since the baby had gained. However as long as she is growing and thriving I'm not at all worried about my weight issues. I'm pretty sure since I'm heading into the third trimester I'll start gaining soon. I have noticed that I can actually finish a meal now and the other day I even had seconds. That has not happened since I was like 2 months pregnant. I normally get stuffed extremely fast and by the time I take 3-4 bites of food my dining experience was over. However, I can feel a change coming!

My next appointment is Dec 27th. My doctor wants me to start coming every three weeks now which is fine with me because I love to see the baby and hear her heartbeat as much as possible. So that will be a great after Christmas gift!

You know it's really hard to believe that after Christmas and the New Year we will only have like 9 weeks to go before we meet our daughter! This is so surreal!

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