December 15, 2012

It's Official! I'm in my THIRD trimester!!!

Holy crap!!!  For some reason I have been waiting for this day! The day that I'd be in my THIRD trimester!!!! I can not believe how fast this has gone by! She's almost here!!! Pretty soon I'll be waking up to get her out of her bassinet! I'm actually up now bc she's "rolling". Such big movements it woke me from my slumber. Geez I just want to hold her and nuzzle her neck. This is truly a gratifying moment for me and I'm not sure why but it seems so enchanted I could weep.....

Baby Size
14.8 in
chinese cabbage
Baby Weight
2.25 lb
Your baby's brain has developed more tissue and has formed grooves on the surface. It's likely your baby has developed a more regular sleep schedule in 20 to 30 minute intervals.

If you're having a boy, his testes are migrating into his scrotum. If you're having a girl, the clitoris is beginning to form.
Welcome to your third trimester! This is a common time to find out how your baby is positioned (presented), whether it's head first, feet first (breech), or sideways. Even still, in the next month your baby may still change positions.

This trimester you will likely increase your prenatal visits to every two weeks to ensure your pregnancy is progressing smoothly. If you are at risk for gestational diabetes or your last glucose screen test result was high, your doctor may have you take the 3-hour glucose tolerance test.
Activities this week
Your baby will arrive before you know it! Now is a good time to run those crucial errands, something that becomes much more difficult the first month your baby arrives. Here are some things you'll need in the first few weeks: (Don't forget to check out the Newborn Essentials list of this app for a more complete list of basics your baby will need those first 3 months)
• Diapers and wipes.
• Baby care items such as nail clippers, a thermometer, a bulb syringe, and a pacifier.
• Baby-friendly laundry detergent.
• Sanitary pads for you. (You'll bleed for a few weeks after delivery.)
• Thank-you cards and stamps.
• Paper towels and paper plates for easy cleanup after meals.

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