November 14, 2010

Blessed Abundantly!!!

I've always heard the saying that sometimes "God just shows up and shows out"!!!! For some who are unfamiliar with that saying and/or meaning it just means that there are moments in your life that it's becomes unbelievable but in a GREAT way! Now I've always had a pretty charmed life but I must say once I met and married my husband it was love like I've never ever experienced in my life. I mean "ALL IN" kind of love, no holding back, no plan Bs or Cs...just unfiltered no back-up plan having love. Once I let go of my inhibitions, God showed up and showed out!!

Now here we are 3 years into our marriage and almost 5 years together (in February) and we are experiencing some major highs! A lot of first time joys. A few weeks back I posted about something I wasn't disclosing yet. No it's not pregnancy but hey after all this wonderfulness it may be next be the next great surprise!

Most of you know about Tommy's NY project and how he didn't take that promotion but ended up being promoted here. Well once we knew we were remaining in Texas I was ready to house-hunt again. We went out with our realtor/friend Dori Warner to look at four houses. No luck until the LAST house on the FIRST day back out. Found the cutest 1940's bungalow, updated but still had it's original hardwoods and all the charm of an older home. That included but it no means limited to pocket doors, crystal door knobs and in wall mail slot just to name a few! Simply Darling!!! I looked at my husband and said "Babe, I WANT it"! The very next day was our anniversary and after the spa but before dinner we put an offer on it. The next day it was accepted. We got a GREAT deal!! We did a 45 day close and a 2 week lease back to the sellers. That 2 weeks is up on Friday and we can take possession of the house on Saturday the 20th (but they may move sooner)! I have told most of my friends and Tommy's family knows but NONE of my family knows! I will tell my immediate family on Saturday the 20th and I'm sooooooooooooooooo stinking excited it's unreal!!!

The Plan: My family loves to hang out and one of the things we enjoy is piling in the SUV and going to lunch and doing some house-admiring! We look at open homes, model homes, condos, etc! So this coming Saturday I told my mom we are having "family day" and to meet us at our apartment at 11am. I haven't told them what we are going to do yet but once they are here I'm going to tell them that we are going to do some house-admiring, lunch and hit the city lighting ceremony for the holidays! Only when once we pile into the SUV the first open house we are going to will be OUR HOUSE!!!!!! We'll take them in and I'll be like TA DAAAAAAAAAA this is our home!!!!!! My mom will probably cry or something! lol We have lots of furniture being delivered that day, new tvs, mattresses, dining table ya know all the bells and whistles. While the guys handle that, I'll take my mom and sis with me to shop for accessories, curtains, rugs, etc (we all live for shopping)!!! It's going to be a family thing...something everyone will always remember. A super cute surprise of being apart of our first day in our first home!

Besides that blessing- everything is just falling into place...the home is in the area we want to be in, we purchased a new car the other day b/c we only had one since I worked and lived downtown, after years working on our credit it is FABBBBB, we were able to find and purchase furniture with no problems. That amongst a million other things have just been coming together wonderfully! We are soooooo excited it's unreal! We have been wanting to get our first home for a while now but it was always something from the possibility of moving to NY or ATL, once we lost a bid on a house while in the middle of the carribean in St. Lucia! Just random drama! Now we see it was God saving and directing us to something more tailored for our lives! Like I said just Blessed Abundantly!

I'll let y'all know how the home reveal goes! I have A LOT to do this week!


  1. So happy for you! Sounds like you are going to have an amazing weekend and I know you guys deserve it!

  2. Congratulations on the house!! Need to post photos! I hope the reveal was as fun as it sounds.

    Sometimes life just falls in to place.