January 8, 2015


I need your validation 
I need you to love me
I need you to need me and want me in your presence
I loved you before we met and once I held you it was solidified 
I've never been one to need other's admiration but I need yours
My fear is that you won't love me as much as I need you to 
That you won't love me in time 
I fear we will have a rough path like most mother/daughter relationships
I fear you will spend most of your time avoiding me, instead of loving me for me
I did that to my mother
Unfortunately I learned that life can be gone in an instant and there are no do-overs
I pray our relationship is smoother because our time may be shorter 
Shorter due to the fact that I started mothering you later 
I pray to God, that you, Avery-Harper will love me in real time because forever isn't promised my love-
I pray that you know I needed you just as much as I wanted you
You are the song of my soul and I just wish my voice was sweet enough to sing your glory-
You make my heartbeat out of my chest and my smile go beyond my face 
You are all the best parts of me
Grow old in good health my love and be happy
You don't have to be perfect 
You don't have to be rich
Just be a decent human being 
Understand the power of love and if you do nothing else for me, just do this-
Please love me better than I loved my mom.

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