February 19, 2014

Valentine's Day

We had a Great Valentine's Day with our baby girl! We took her to our Thai restaurant where we had our first Valentine's Day date 8 years ago. We go every year and it's always special b/c we know the staff and they allow Tommy to do extra special things for me every year. He always brings flowers and candy (sometimes a special bottle of wine) and they set it up with candles before we arrive at our same table every year.

This year was extra special because we took the baby. The staff got to meet her and it was such a special evening reflecting on our blessings.

However the SWEETEST part was my husband Tommy got the baby her own bouquet of flowers! OMG the cutest thing you've ever seen!! It was very tiny and made especially for her small frame. She also got a card and bear. It just made my heart melts in a puddle. BEST HUSBAND AND FATHER EVER.

After dinner we dropped the baby off at Granny Annie's for a couple of hours. We then went to a wine cellar and just enjoyed some adult time. We had a wonderful evening!

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